Remembrance / Arvvas

Remembrance / Arvvas

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1 Muitomátki/Remembrance

2 Space Machine

3 Drench My Soul

4 Lonely/Okto

5 So Long My Baby

6 Oabbái/For Sis

7 Čuoika/The Mosquito

8 Siellosuodji/Soul Shield

9 Hey, Mama!

10 Álo/Never Let You Go

11 Rabbit Diary/Njoammil

12 Mary Lee

13 Personal Jesus/Gumpe (The Wolf)

14 The Same Water

Sara Marielle Gaup: Yoik, Vocal
Steinar Raknes: Double Bass, Vocal
Aleksander Kostopoulos: Drums, Percussion

”This album we dedicate to the late

Inga Juuso, who is the reason for our

co-work and has been making music

and performing together with Steinar

for many years. She has been a great

inspirer for both of us.”

(Sara Marielle & Steinar)

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